The pool opened its doors back in 1978, with a focus on the physical and mental health benefits of swimming, and in particular with a view to reducing the number of youngsters tragically drowning in water filled quarries, rivers, canal and sea that had been occurring locally at that time.

It is owned by Lancashire County Council and operated by the Lancashire City Council until 2017 when it was decided to close the Pool due to unsustainable financial losses.

At that time, and with the impending closure of a valuable local amenity asset, a group of dedicated and enthusiastic voluntary founder Trustees decided to form a not-for-profit charitable organisation to save the Pool for the local community, and successfully managed to ‘re-open  the doors’ of Carnforth Pool in February 2018 after the Council granted a 125 year lease with an annual peppercorn rent. Since then, all age groups, and predominately by youngsters and PTAs from fourteen local schools, who have enjoyed being taught to swim, have used the facility.

The late Councillor Pat Wooff is seen on the extreme left in the photo above at the original 1978 opening. She also had the honour of re-opening the Pool at the official ceremony in 2018, when the Pool became a Charitable Trust.

Financial support with Government grants, Carnforth Town Council, Carnforth Rotary and other fundraising gas kept the Pool financially stable through the Covid lockdowns. After the third national lockdown, it reopened April 2021, but is still in need of external funding to provide more than just the basics.

Donations for general fundraising support, or for a specific activity, are therefore always welcome, so please see our Friends page to see the various options on how you can help, some of which simply include registering Carnforth-Pool when shopping on online shopping platforms

You may also wish to become a member of the Friends of Carnforth Pool and receive invitations to special events or support the Pool in other ways e.g. volunteering at Reception.

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