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1:2:1/1:2:2 Swimming Lessons

Monday-Friday After School & Saturdays

1:2:1 Lessons £17 Per Lesson & 1:2:2 Lessons £19 Per Lesson 

Booked in a block of either 5 or 10 Lessons

A child or an adult could be unsure about water for various reasons:

  1. Bad past experiences

  2. Lack of exposure to water at an early age (0-3 years old)

  3. Parents themselves ill at ease with water. There is extensive evidence confirming that parental phobia can rub off on children.

  4. Seeing someone struggle in the water. Over the years I have taught several children and adults who have had water-phobia. Although some of them never had a bad experience with water themselves, they had seen someone who had. This is especially true of children who have seen one of their parents get into difficulty whilst swimming in a deep part of a pool or sea and had to be rescued.

Children who are timid can obviously benefit greatly from the closer individual teacher attention private lessons can provide, and that teacher can modify the lesson to suit the child and the pace of their learning.

However private lessons have some disadvantages:

1. Private swimming lessons are more costly than group lessons because of the one-to-one ratio.

2. Children who are sociable and enjoy being around other kids and have more advanced swimming skills sometimes find private lessons less stimulating. 

3. Lack of social interaction with peers may cause motivation challenges, as lessons may seem more like work than play. There is no opportunity for children to watch their peers try and master skills, which could benefit some children.

4. Private lessons also make it more challenging for an instructor to keep a child engaged for the entire session.

5. The waiting list for 121/122 lessons are far greater than group lessons. 

So there you have it...... The pros and cons of 121/122 swimming lessons now it`s just up to you to decide which lessons are best.

If you would like some help and advice a member of staff will be more than happy to help.  

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