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Saturday 10am-10.30am

       x10 lessons £70

Our Rookie Lifeguard programme is for children 8+ and who are confident in the water. 

Built into the programme are lessons in valuable survival, rescue and sport skills... all delivered in an exciting way that will get children involved and motivated.

For many of our Rookie Lifeguards, our programme offers the first opportunity to explore water safety, gradually gaining independence and confidence while learning vital life skills. Our programme will inspire and embolden your child, helping them keep themselves, their friends and their family safe in the water through a range of fun activities that lead towards a series of awards. 

Rookie lifeguard is aimed at children - through the skills learned through the course of the programme are just as valuable to people of all ages. 

The scheme begins with Stage 1 of the Bronze award and progresses to stage 3 of the Gold award, starting off at an ability level suitable for brand new Rookies and progressing to the level where our Rookie Lifeguards perform impressive lifesaving tows. 

We also look at baby, junior and adult CPR.

Even the shyest kids find they make new friends through the rookie lifeguard scheme, as teamwork and peer support and crucial elements of the programme. 

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