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Early Bird Swimming

Wednesdays: 6.30am-8.30am

Fridays: 6.30am-8.30am

The Best Way To Start Your Day:

It`s true! Nothing beats the feeling once you have had a swim, to then start the rest of your day feeling fresh and energised. You will also find yourself more focused and able to concentrate better during the rest of the day. If you often have an energy dip while sitting at your desk in the afternoon this could be the answer to your problems. The release of endorphins from exercise will boost your mood too. when you complete a morning workout, you start your day with an endorphin rush, which has a very positive impact on your mental state. Plus, breakfast will have never tasted better. 

More Health Benefits Than You Can Imagin: 

When you wake up feeling sluggish and tired, going for a swim will decrease fatigue and boost your energy. As you are swimming, oxygen and nutrients travel around your body to the heart and lungs, improving your cardiovascular system. As you probably know, swimming generally is great for muscle toning, burning calories and aiding weight loss. So why not get all of that done before most people are even awake? It also makes your breath more efficiently, improve flexibility and can lower the risk of some diseases and medical conditions. Equally if you are stressed, starting your day off with a relaxing float in the pool can improve your mental health. It is basically a morning meditation session is disguise. 

Try Something Different: 

This is self-explanatory but trying something new to break up your normal routine can be a welcome change. You never know, you might even find yourself looking forward to waking up and heading to the pool! And even if it isn`t swimming, going for a jog or to the gym will equally bring a healthy activity into your morning. So, if you don`t already, give it a go! 

Social Time: 

Last but not least give yourself even more motivation to go for that morning swim, why not go with a friend? You are much more likely to stick to the routine if someone is doing it with you. Plus, this is great opportunity to have fun, socialise and spend time together while relaxing and keeping fit. You may even be able to persuade your family to come with you too.  

So, there you have it, we have made a case for early morning swimming and now it`s over to you. The hardest part is turning off the alarm and getting up, rather than hitting snooze and rolling over. But once you have managed this, the rest is easy. Our tip is to get everything ready the night before so that path out of bed is simple and you don`t have to try and think too much at 5am. Then all that`s left is reaping the benefits and rewards from the experience.... and the full English afterwards. 

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