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Tuesdays 11.30am-12.30pm with Gillian

£6 per class.

Aquafit brings with it many benefits and these are what keep people coming back for more every week, sometimes more than once. 

Allow us to fill you in on what these benefits are:

Aquafit Is For Everyone:

Not every fitness class can claim to be for everyone. Some classes are too easy for some and too difficult for others. Some are way too sweat inducing for people. Others are too stressful on the body. Aquafit is perfect for everyone - whether you exercise every week or are getting active for the first time in your life. All fitness levels can take part. You dont need to worry about being a swimmer either. Classes are purposely held in shallow water so that they are inclusive for all. 

It Is Friendly On The Joints:

Exercising on dry land, particularly in activities that involve running, puts strain on joints that impacts the body negatively over time. Repetitive impact causes neck, back and legs to tighten, leaving them more susceptible to injury. Thats why it`s as important to rest as it is to exercise. Aquafit lifts the gravity forcing weight down on your body and reducesimpact on joints by 85%. The low-impact nature of Aquafit makes it a great activity for anyone recovering from injury. It`s ideally suited to sufferers of chronic joint conditions such as sclerosis or arthritis. 

You Don`t Get All Sweaty: 

A full body workout that won`t make you all red-faced and sweaty. How good is that? It`s not that you don`t sweat during Aquafit, it`s just that water is great at regulating body temperature and wicking away sweat. You`ll still be burning those calories though so you`ll need to keep well Hydrated. 

Its A Full Body Workout: 

Don`t let a lack of visible perspiration trick you into thinking you`re not doing enough. just because Aquafit is easy on the joints, doesn`t mean you aren`t seriously working those muscles. Every movement in Aquafit is met with resistance from the water, which builds muscles and increases flexibility. The extra pressure from the water makes muscles work harder, which in turn makes the heart work harder and when the hearts pumping calories are burning. 

You`ll Feel Better Mentally: 

Aquafit improves your mental health. It decreases anxiety and depression and boosts mood. This isn`t just speculating, these benefits were found in a study by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US. 

Aquafit Is Fun:

Aquafit is a get together of friends and like-minded people. Everyone is there to enjoy being active. The Music is good and our instructors are upbeat and enthusiastic throughout. Your one hour of exercise flies by!

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